Baby Crawling

Sleep Packages

No sleep is no fun. You're tired. Your baby is tired. Your household is tired. And you're ready for a change.

We can help.

At Lake Country Sleep, we put your child at the center and consider their sleep from a holistic perspective.

For babies 0-16 weeks,

in a crib or bassinet

For babies 4-14 months,

in a crib

For toddlers 15 months - 3 years, in a crib

For children 3-10 years,

in a bed

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Jenna, Mama of Jay

"Erin was a dream to work with helping us navigate our way to getting better sleep for our baby. Before Erin, we were struggling to get a good nap routine and it took a lot of soothing to get our baby to sleep. Now, our baby takes great naps, has a good schedule, and sleeps 10+ hours a night. You can expect a lot of compassion, direction, and helpful knowledge from Erin when you work with her. "