Content Creation & Virtual Assistant Services for Sleep Consultants


I know that if you had a FULL day to dedicate to that one thing you'd probably be able to get it done, right? But, you're busy taking care of clients, answering emails, writing sleep plans, checking sleep logs, doing sleep consultations, and ALL THE THINGS to keep your business running smoothly and your clients happy (and sleeping!).


Just imagine...

-an expert sleep consultant who knows the ins and out of this business in your pocket for a full day working on YOUR business.

-7 hours of uninterrupted, expert work on YOUR business. There is no back and forth or wait time.

Immediate Answers = Immediate Results.

-Time is money! I can get done in a day what you might be paying someone else to do a few hours per month.

Meet Erin!

I am the mama of two little boys, lover of coffee, shopping, and all things sleep! As a fellow sleep consultant, I've been where you are, I know how you feel trying to do ALL THE THINGS for your business, and I also know I can help you. If you're looking for a mama friend and sleep business bestie, I'm your girl!


As your sleep content expert and virtual assistant, I help you keep your business runny smoothly, assisting with all your "behind the scenes" items that you constantly find yourself pushing to the back-burner.

Mom-ing, sleeping, writing, and content creation are my jams - I can help you bring your brand to life in your social media, on your blog or website, or where ever you may find your voice lacking.

Struggling with content planning and organization?? Click below for your solution!

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What can we get done in a day? What about a half-day? You can book Erin for a Full VIP Day or a Half VIP Day. See what your options are below - or mix and match services based on your needs! Set up a call with Erin to learn more about the process, each service, and to figure out the right customization for your sleep consulting business.

Social Media

Content Creation


CRM Set-Up

On-Brand Sleep Content Upgrade

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Blog Post


Free Download & Email Welcome Sequence Set-Up

If interested in current offerings, please book a call to chat with Erin!


As a NICU nurse, I thought I understood baby's sleep needs but once they passed the "newborn" stage,  I realized I was clueless as to how much sleep my babies actually needed. I had been a part of Facebook groups, read books, gotten advice from other moms, but nothing compared to the one-on-one coaching from Erin.


She took the time to get to know my babies, incorporated routines that were important to our family, came up with a solid plan that was easy for other caregivers to follow, and was always willing to answer a ton of questions when we'd have a check-in call or email. 

Molly, NICU nurse and twin mom

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“In my opinion, healthy parental attachment allows for a child to explore the world around them while simultaneously knowing there is a safe and loving space for them to come back to whenever they need it - their parents' arms.”


-Erin Meinel, Lake Country Sleep