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As a NICU nurse, I thought I understood baby's sleep needs but once they passed the "newborn" stage,  I realized I was clueless as to how much sleep my babies actually needed. I had been a part of Facebook groups, read books, gotten advice from other moms, but nothing compared to the one-on-one coaching from Erin.


She took the time to get to know my babies, incorporated routines that were important to our family, came up with a solid plan that was easy for other caregivers to follow, and was always willing to answer a ton of questions when we'd have a check-in call or email. 

Molly, NICU nurse and twin mom

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“In my opinion, healthy parental attachment allows for a child to explore the world around them while simultaneously knowing there is a safe and loving space for them to come back to whenever they need it - their parents' arms.”


-Erin Meinel, Lake Country Sleep