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Motherhood – at least the sleep part of it – not what you envisioned?

There’s no need to feel guilty.

When there’s so much noise about what parenting should look like, it can be disheartening when our reality doesn’t align. It’s time to block out that noise and focus on what you can control.

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For babies 0-16 weeks,

in a crib or bassinet



For babies 4-14 months,

in a crib




For toddlers 15 months- 3 years, in a crib

Early Childhood


For children 3-10 years in an open bed

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The truth is, sleep impacts so much.

Not only does sleep impact your child’s behavior and temperament throughout the day, but it can impact you deep to your core. And if your family isn’t getting the sleep they need?


It’s not benefiting anyone. But with your sleep bestie right beside you, all of that can change.


Here’s how we can help

Whether you’re spending hours rocking your baby to sleep or are waking up multiple times each night with your little one, we can help you reach your goals. Here are a few of the situations we can help with:


Multiple Night Wakes


Short Naps


Bedtime Battles


Rocking or Nursing to Sleep


Transitioning from bed sharing

Oh Hey!
We’re the magic workers of LCS


When parents work with us, they often equate us to magicians! And in a way, we do work magic with your child’s sleep! Sleep is a foundational piece to our health and wellbeing, and when it’s not happening, it can leave everyone feeling exhausted and frustrated.


At the same time, making changes to improve sleep can feel uncertain – maybe you’re at your breaking point and worried this might not actually work. Or maybe you’re not sure if this is the best decision for your family. We get it! We all want to do what’s best for our children.


At Lake Country Sleep, we partner with you and walk beside you each step of the way. We pair evidence-based strategies that promote a secure attachment with your knowledge of your unique babe. Our goal is for everyone in your household to be more well-rested. And that starts with a sleeping child.

What the LCS family is saying…

Hear from these well-rested families about the LCS experience

“Erin’s support and coaching has been absolutely amazing, and we truly could not have done this without her! Thank you for saving us, Erin!! Not only is Millie sleeping through the night, in her own crib, but she is now sharing a room with her older, toddler sister! Erin was able to help us navigate this very tricky, and delicate sleep situation. Truly, we could have not done this without the support of Erin. We especially loved the Voxer support. Erin was always one message away and was so responsive and supportive. Thank you, Erin!!!”

-Jess M., Mama to Lainey (3) and Millie (10 months)


Making changes can be hard.

But with your sleep bestie, it can be easier.

We’ve been where you are and can understand your deep desire to get more rest for everyone in your family. Together, we will guide you to better nights so that your child can play all day and sleep all night.

Ready for the life-giving magic of more sleep?


Let’s get started today!


Schedule your free Discovery Call now to decide whether the Lake Country Sleep dream team is a good fit for your family!

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