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Quiz Results:
Yes, you should sleep train your child.

Based on your answers, sleep is a problem for your family and your child needs help falling asleep for bedtime and night wakings. Sleep training may be one part of the perfect solution!

Learn the CHEER Method that has helped over 200 of our clients successfully sleep train without feeling like they're neglecting their child.


With our signature CHEER Method, you'll learn to stop wondering if you're doing the

right thing.


Instead, you'll feel CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED when it comes to navigating your child's sleep and supporting them as they learn to sleep in a way that promotes their independence and overall wellbeing.


We typically work with families who are ready for a change, are exhausted from trying random tips and tricks that don't work, but are unsure of exactly HOW to reach their goals successfully.  The results we help our clients get are an enjoyable, less stressful bedtime routine, longer stretches of nighttime sleep with fewer night wakings, reduced night feeds, and improved naps.


Invest 52 minutes of your time into watching this class today and you will learn:

  1. the root cause of 90-95% of pediatric sleep struggles

  2. the 5 foundations of quality sleep

  3. developmentally appropriate strategies you can use to help your child learn the lifelong, life-giving skill of sleep


Start watching now!


Save $100 when you enroll in the next 2 weeks! Pay in full OR book in the next 3 days and receive a free 30-minute tune-up call to use within a year of completing your program (a $150 value!). This program is regularly $998 - two payments of $499.

This life-changing program is an investment of $998 (or two payments of $499). BUT, for those that enroll in the next 14 days, you get a $100 commitment discount, taking it down to just $898. PLUS, if you pay in full or book in the next 3 days, you will receive a free 30-minute tune-up call to use within a year of completing your program to get through any tough transition without having to hire a sleep consultant again (this is a $150 value!).

We get it. We're moms too.

Hi! I'm Erin...


My team and I are NOT new to this.

I am the mama of two little boys, lover of coffee, shopping, and all things sleep!

I received my B.S. in Elementary Education and focused on early childhood development and education.

I taught in early childhood classrooms (4K and Kindergarten and focused on curriculum development) and directed at a local preschool.

After having my first son, the lack of sleep that came with the newborn days brought me to my knees.

I suffered from severe postpartum anxiety and got the help I needed after prioritizing my own sleep. I became sleep-science-obsessed. I decided to get certified in sleep consulting so I could coach other parents through their child's sleep struggles.

We've changed the lives of 200 families and counting.


"Erin gave us options on how to approach sleep and let us choose what was best for our family. The advantage Erin had was 1. personalizing the program to fit our kid's individual needs (they have very different personalities) 2. Voice + text support! much support! My 14-month-old was sleeping through the night by night three. And my 3-year-old has a super smooth bedtime routine that allows us to cuddle and read but have her fall asleep on her own without holding us hostage in her room (we can actually get things done!) I am very GRATEFUL for Erin. I even feel prepared on how to drop naps when we get there and face my son's toddler sleep when that comes!"

Lauren, mom of a 14-month-old and 3-year-old


This offer expires in 14 days and we do book out in advance so take the first step to a better night's sleep and click below to spend 5-7 minutes completing the enrollment form!

Not sure that
our program is the perfect fit
for your family? 

Let’s get started today!


Schedule your free sleep evaluation call now to decide whether the Lake Country Sleep dream team is a good fit for your family!

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