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Why I became a Sleep Consultant

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

When I became pregnant with my first child, I remember that first trimester tiredness that I could not compare to anything else I had ever experienced. It was on a whole new level! Being a teacher, I had the summer off prior to delivering our baby boy in September, and naps were a luxury I could do whenever, where ever! People jokingly (or so I thought!) encouraged me to continue my nap hobby to bank those hours for when the baby came. In retrospect, they were so right, because the over-tiredness you experience in the first few weeks with a newborn REALLY doesn't compare to anything else - not even that first trimester sleepiness!

Upon his arrival, we worked hard to master breastfeeding. I focused on full feedings every time. I had taken classes and worked with lactation consultants, the experts in that field, prior to and after having my little boy. BUT NO ONE TAUGHT ME ABOUT NEWBORN SLEEP! Sleep was something I had to figure out on my own, or so I thought. Which is much easier said than done when you are IN THE THICK OF feelin' me yet mamas?! So, while my little guy slept here and there, I would research online, I tried to read a few books (um, how difficult is it to keep your eyes open when you are beyond tired and attempting to read dry, scientific and factual material?), and I followed some sleep gurus on social media. I pieced together what I thought was a good plan. We tried a lot of different things. A LOT of different things. There was so much conflicting information out was I supposed to know what was right and what was wrong? How was I supposed to know what would work (or not) for my baby?