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What is your sleep training personality type?

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

I’ve been doing this (helping parents sleep train their children) for a few years now and I’d like to think I have a fairly good (okay, STRONG) grasp on the type of mom you might be, simply based on the sleep training method you choose.

Now, there are four main methods of sleep training but multiple variations of each, so we’re going to have some fun with this post and see if you can identify yourself in any of these methods!

There is no wrong answer here. If you sleep trained in one way and haven’t identified yourself, no worries! Or may you’ve identified yourself but the method is way off. It’s all good. This is just for fun. We can get into the more serious stuff later if you want, I promise.

So, let’s get into it…what sleep training personality type are you?


This mom has all the patience in the world. Her friends often say, “She’s a saint!” She knows she has goals for her baby’s sleep, but wants to take things slowly. She understands that making changes does involve some sort of protest so there really is no such thing as a “no cry” solution, but she’s okay with being quick to mitigate it. This’ll take a while. Like, months. And she’s okay with that. She’s got nowhere to be and no play groups to get to - that’s not her thing. She does enjoy a walk through her garden with her baby in the ring sling.

Her beverage of choice is hot black tea. She needs all the natural energy she can get since this sleep thing is taking a looooooong time.


This mom loves a good workout. She’s at Burn Boot Camp on the regular after she’s had a strong cup of black coffee. As soon as the baby was born, she asked her doctor, “When can I start working out again?”

She’s got to get back to work too (after all, she lives in the US and only has 12 weeks of maternity leave), so she’s ready for this baby to finally start sleeping better. She’s not ready or wanting to do anything that isn’t developmentally appropriate and she’s done her research. She eventually decided on this option because as she picks her baby up and down to ensure her baby is falling asleep in their crib, it would feel like doing bicep curls.


This mama likes to keep her little one close at all times. She’s extremely supportive and is known around the neighborhood for her stellar baby-wearing skills. If you see her on a walk, there is a child snuggled against her chest in a wrap carrier.

She is her baby’s safe space and her child knows that no matter what, mama is always there watching, supporting, and cheering on…even when sleep training!

She loves a good chai tea, iced in the summer months and hot in the winter because it just makes sense.


This mom is likely a teacher, or was in another life. She drinks her coffee from a thermos with a splash of vanilla or hazelnut creamer. Taylor Swift is on repeat in her minivan and her toddler likes to sing along.

Her love language is physical touch and she loves a good snuggle, so “The Kissing Game” is one she likes to have fun with at bedtime with her 3-year-old. She’s the mom who is on the floor playing with her child, not just watching from the couch. She’s also known to pop in her AirPods and listen to some parenting guru podcasts…that or true crime. It depends if she’s in the mood for personal development or entertainment, obviously.

This mom also realizes the importance of self care and taking some time for herself. She loves to sneak away for a quick pedicure from time to time.


This mama is a go-getter and doesn’t take shit. She likes to steer the boat and lay out the expectations in a simple, yet reliable, way. She’s for sure a nurse or works in the healthcare field and wants the best outcomes for everybody.

Pilates is her workout of choice. She works hard and plays hard, and is known for pouring a giant glass of red wine at the end of a long day.

She’s also smarter than her toddler, and this sleep training method is her go-to get-away from her kid’s room at bedtime. “I’ll be right back, honey…I’m just going to go brush my teeth.” Boom. Child is asleep when she comes back. Her mantra - Work smarter, not harder.


This is the mom who runs the local play group. She’s super organized and has each day with her baby planned to a T. She loves a good book and can be found at the local library with her kids on a regular basis.

Her order is well-known at the local Chick-fil-a (lemonade + a grilled sandwich) and she smiles every time she hears “my pleasure” as they hand her the order. Similarly, her baby’s cries turn to smiles at bedtime as she pats and shushes them to sleep, gently weaning away from these things over time. She visualizes her sweet baby saying, “Goodnight, Mama,” as she walks out of the room… “It was my pleasure being your mom today, sweetheart.”

She might have a small tattoo on her wrist or behind her ear, and you know there’s a story to go with it - all you have to do is ask!


She’s drinking a White Claw and listening to Adele in between checking in on her baby at bedtime. This sleep training thing doesn’t seem nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be! She also has a Stanley cup nearby filled with infused water because why wouldn’t you have more than one beverage going at all times??

She works from home and it shows - the mom bun and black leggings are strong with this one.

A structured carrier is her babywearing experience of choice, and she knows because she’s tried a few until she finally found the one that works best for her.


This mama might be struggling with her mental health. Either that, or she just doesn’t have the time or capacity for being awake all night anymore. Either way, she means business and likes to see results fast, and that’s why CIO is the perfect (and a valid) option for her. She’s done her research and knows this little blip in time to help teach her child the skill of sleep is not going to put a dent in their secure attachment, but a mom whose mental health is suffering from a lack of sleep will.

She’s literally a straight shooter and will order a round of tequila shots when she meets up with her friends for mom’s night out.

She might feel guilty about the choices she made the night before, but as quick as it comes, it passes because her baby is sleeping…All. Night. Long. And so is she!


This mom *thinks* she isn’t sleep training her baby. In fact, she’s avoiding it at all costs. Little does she know that every action has a reaction and she’s training her child in one way or another. But that’s okay.

She’s confident that she’s doing right by her child, and guess what? She is. She knows she was given this baby for a reason and she’s doing everything in her power to be the best mom possible. She realizes that she can still practice quality sleep hygiene, and even if sleep isn’t perfect, she’s okay with that.

She loves being a mom…in fact, she believes it’s her calling. She can be found sipping on a hot mushroom coffee alternative with a sprinkle of turmeric on top.


This mom has done her research and may be mildly obsessed with parent-child attachment. She quit her job to stay home with her baby and spends her days running errands and going to appointments with her baby strolling along in the Doona, but always makes sure she’s home for nap time OR plans an on-the-go nap accordingly.

Her portable sound machines are always charged. Just in case.

She also tried making her own baby food at first, but quickly realized there are more important things to focus on…and that her baby can actually eat the same foods she does if prepared in a safe way.

She can easily identify most of her baby’s cries and is very in-tune to her child. She utilizes this when she chooses another method to accompany her child in learning some independent sleep skills.

What about Lake Country Sleep?

We support families with moderate methods where we will follow your child’s lead and tune-in to what they’re communicating to you. We always present parents with choices and may start with one method and switch to another or do combinations of methods based on what we believe will work best for your child, your family, your situation, and your philosophies.

Want to know more about these strategies or how we can use them with your child? Book a free discovery call with us! We love to make somewhat of a stressful situation (sleep training) as fun as possible in a way that feels good to you.

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