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Updated: Jul 1

I earned my B.S. degree after studying early childhood development and education at Viterbo University. That background, my experience as a professional educator, and my knowledge and expertise in infant and child sleep (I am certified in the Sleep Sense program), have allowed me to help parents all across the United States overcome their child's sleep challenges.

After the birth of my first son, I experienced firsthand the challenges of becoming a new parent and the lack of sleep that comes with those first few weeks of having a newborn. Between many sleepless nights, lots of coffee, and my best friend at the time, Google, I found Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense program. I immediately purchased the book to help me help my child get the sleep he so badly needed. I knew how exhausted I was feeling, so I could only imagine how exhausted my sweet little baby must have been! Within a few nights, he, and my husband and I, were all getting the sleep we so desperately needed - my baby to grow and flourish, and us to be the best possible parents for him during the day.

Now, my dream is to help other parents overcome their children’s sleep challenges to promote lifelong health and wellness. I have been personally trained by Dana Obleman, the creator of the Sleep Sense Program, whose methods have been used worldwide by more than 30,000 families to quickly and easily solve their children’s sleep problems.

As the founder and owner of Lake Country Sleep, it is my pleasure to welcome you here, and to help you help your baby get the sleep he or she needs to thrive. It is my belief that a holisitic and gentle approach, coupled with support, guidance, and accountability, is the best way to approach teaching the skill of sleep to your little one. I would be honored to work with you and your family. Reach out today, and let's get sleeping!


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