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How We've Survived Quarantine Life with a Newborn and Toddler

We had a baby in early March, came home for an hour, and then ended up in the NICU for a few days. When we were finally home some ten days after his birth, we didn't realize it would be for so long! To say this time has been easy would be a lie. To say my mental health hasn't suffered would also be a lie. Now, during this uncertain time of COVID-19 Quarantine Life, and more than ever, I've found that providing a routine and following through with consistency for my children has benefitted ALL OF US. Don't get me wrong...this has been HARD. But the days I've been able to focus on and provide somewhat of a routine for my children have been better than the rest.

The first few weeks postpartum were extra difficult, and there wasn't much of a routine with anything, especially considering we had such a health scare early on with our newborn. My time was spent learning my new baby's personality and cues, establishing breastfeeding, forming a healthy attachment and bonding with my baby, not sleeping much, introducing my toddler to becoming a big brother, dealing with postpartum hormone fluctuations...and worrying nonstop that we would need to go back to the hospital.