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How To Do Bedtime with 2 Under 2

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

My biggest fear after finding out we were pregnant with my second child, was, hands down, the thought of having to tackle bedtime with two little children under two years old - on my own.

Our job schedules allow us to spend most of our time caring for our children without assistance, however, that also means my husband is with the boys solo in the mornings, and, you guessed it...I'm solo in the evenings! 2 under 2 and doing bedtime solo - my anxiety skyrockets just thinking about it!

Also, keep in mind, my toddler has been a super-sleeper since we sleep-trained him at around 5 months old. He goes down without a fight 99% of the time whenever we finish up his nap time or bedtime routine. Anyone can put him to bed. He can sleep almost anywhere. It's been pretty great thus far with his sleep journey.