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Client Interview with Leah B.

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Leah and I worked together a few months ago when she was experiencing difficulties getting her daughter to go to sleep at bedtime without it being a constant battle, and to stay asleep throughout the night. Everyone was tired. Leah is a super-mom and lifestyle blogger. You can check out her website and blog here.

A fitting excerpt from her "About Me" section -

"My blog is dedicated to a realistic approach to style, motherhood, and beauty in the most attainable yet fabulous way.

I love bringing you a catalog of the mama tips that I have discovered so far and anything fashion and beauty. 

Please get in touch with any style tip or Mama advice/questions you might have. I would love to hear from you! "

Check this woman out!

Slide through the photos to see more of this ADORABLE family. I seriously can't get enough of Brooklyn - she's such a little model, and takes right after her mama! After looking at these photos, I realize how much of a blessing it is for my wallet that I am a boy mom!

Okay, okay, let's get into the good stuff. Keep reading to learn all about our work together.

Tell us about who you are and what you do, and a bit about your family.

Hi I’m Leah! I am a mama to my daughter, Brooklyn, and a wife to my husband, Howard! I work for an Industrial Supplies, HVAC Equipment, and MRO Products online business in the Marketing department and I love it! I also have a style and lifestyle blog,, that I run in my free time.

Howard and I met in college at Kent State University and we have been together for 9 years in October. Howard is a personal trainer and owns his own business, Body by Bowens. Reach out if you live in the NW Suburbs of Chicago and you need a trainer!! :)

Brooklyn is 2.5 years old and she is a total diva! She has the biggest personally and is not afraid of anyone! She loves to sing and dance all day long! She attends daycare part-time and loves playing with her friends! We love watching her grow into her big personality that she already has!

What sleep challenges were you and/or your daughter experiencing that made you decide to reach out to Erin?

Brooklyn was never a great sleeper since she was a newborn. We did some sleep training on our own with her when she was around a year old but after about a month she went back to her old ways and she was back to waking up multiple times a night. It was also very difficult to put her to bed, it was taking us 1-2 hours to get her to bed at night. In the beginning of the year I thought I was going to go insane because it had almost been 2 years of very little sleep. I was also diagnosed with postpartum depression in the fall of 2018 and this was not helping me as I was working to treat it. When working through PPD I started to see a therapist and I also did a lot of research online to see what helped with treating it. A big thing I was finding in the research and seeing my therapist was getting more sleep, and the lack of sleep Brooklyn was getting was not helping me get the sleep I needed.

At this point I knew it was time to look for some professional help for Brooklyn’s sleep schedule. My parents attend the same church as Erin and my mom had mentioned her before so I knew I needed to reach out. I sent her a message in the middle of the night and she got back to me the next morning! :)

How old was your daughter when you worked with Erin? Did you see any changes in her overall wellbeing and/or temperament after working together?

Brooklyn was 22 months old when we started working with Erin. It took about a month for Brooklyn to follow the schedule that Erin created custom for her. I started a bad habit with Brooklyn when she was an infant and that was nursing her to sleep. Being held to fall asleep was one of the biggest habits we had to change.

Once she started sleeping close to 12 hours a night I noticed her temperament changed to be much happier in the morning and throughout the day. Besides her temperament her dark circles that were usually under her eyes faded away! :)

Was there anything you were worried or anxious about before getting started with sleep training?

Listening to Brooklyn cry at night was the most difficult part for me. I created a journal that I would write in to document the nightly routine and once I saw the crying decrease each night it was getting much easier for me to listen to because I knew it was going to get better.

How has sleep training your child benefitted your family?

Brooklyn sleeping better has helped my marriage a ton! When I was short on sleep I was not a very pleasant person to be around and I would pick fights from time to time. Brooklyn sleeping better and taking naps has helped my marriage so much!

What would you want other moms to know about working with a sleep consultant?

Be patient. It takes some time for your little one to get on the new schedule, but it is so worth the wait!!

What would you want other moms to know about sleep training, in general?

Give yourself some grace and reach out for professional help when you need it, it is not a bad thing. Your child getting the correct amount of sleep for their age will help you and your spouse so much, mentally and physically.

What is your best advice for new parents?

Even though you are new at this, trust your gut. You and your spouse know what is best for your child. Try and filter out the unsolicited advice you will receive. Take the bits and pieces you receive that work for your child and your family.

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