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3 Routines for Speech and Language Development - Guest Post by Jann Fujimoto, MS CCC-SLP

I am pleased to share this platform with my friend, Speech and Language Pathologist, Jann Fujimoto. Jann is the owner of Speechworks, and we both serve families with young children in our lines of work. She has shared a great piece about how you can incorporate activities throughout your child's day that promote speech and language development. Enjoy!

My children are now teenagers, but those early years of getting everyone to sleep were fueled by consistent bedtime routines. Routines help us in the morning hustle and bustle as well as in the evening at bedtime by giving us the chance to hey help our lives run a bit smoother. Things done consistently over time become routines and yield results. Whether you’re eating more vegetables, getting more steps in each day, or growing your child’s speech-language development. Researchers Betty Hart & Todd Risley (1995) found that some children heard