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Happy Women

Are you a parent or parent-coach who could use some expert advice about parenting or running your parent-coaching business??


Being in the parenting space is hard.

When there’s so much noise about what parenting - or working with parents - should look like, it can be disheartening when all we really want to do is help children, but instead, we find ourselves questioning... this really what's best?

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INTRODUCING...Mentoring Days with Erin!

Get exclusive access to Erin, a mom, former early childhood educator turned sleep coach and marketing and branding expert, to pick her brain and get professional advice and expertise.

Whether it's regarding your parenting, your business, or both,

Erin is your girl!

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The truth is, there's a major shift in parenting that's occurring right now.

With all the noise out there about how to do this or how to do that you may be worried that you're totally ruining your child (or your business) in the process of trying to find the answers.


Let's streamline that, and figure out - together - what's most important to you!


Here are some things we can chat through - together:


Being a mom is hard. Being a business owner is hard.

Being both is an insane level of hard.

Mother and Child

navigating motherhood during the early childhood years

running a business from home with little ones - how do you navigate two very involved roles successfully?

how to set up systems that save you time, mental energy, and sanity, whether that's for your home or your business

your child's specific behavior problems...tantrums, interrupting, struggling with transitions, etc.


If you value working from home while raising your children to be thoughtful, caring, independent, critically-thinking adults, it's time to dive into it all with Erin!


You name it. Erin can help.

Coffee Break

Finding balance can be hard.

But when you have a mentor who's invested in your success as a mom and business owner, it can be easier.


I've been where you are and can understand your deep desire to find a balance between your calling as both a mother and a business owner. 

Ready for the mom mentoring relationship you've always dreamed of?


Let’s get started today!

Schedule your Voxer day with Erin and start feeling like you've finally got a handle on this motherhood-business thing.

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