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Motherhood – at least the sleep part of it – not what you envisioned?

Early Childhood Services
for children 3-10 years, in a bed


Does this sound familiar?

You've spent weeks - maybe even months - agonizing over your child's sleep.

You're scared to sleep train because you've seen and heard about a million different opinions on the fact, in your mind, sleep training may feel like a 4-letter word.

You're worried about how sleep training may affect your relationship with your little one.

You might even wonder, "Am I too late to do this? Is my child too old? Are we destined to never sleep again?"

You're the expert on your baby...

...and we're the experts on sleep.


When you work with a sleep coach at Lake Country Sleep, you get a hand to hold to guide you through the process in a way that feels good to you.

We take a holistic approach that empowers you as the parent as we solve your child's sleep issues together.

Your sleep bestie can help you with any and all of the following:


multiple night wakings and short naps


ending bedtime struggles - no more 2 hour battles


sleep regressions and nap transitions


rocking or nursing or bouncing to sleep


moving out of the parents' bed and into their own bed

Ready to sleep again?

Elite Package

Two payments of $599.

Not quite ready to fly solo and love the idea of having a sleep coach bestie in your pocket for the next two weeks?

  • full intake questionnaire

  • custom sleep plan + 60-minute consultation

  • sleep log

  • 3 phone calls over 3 weeks

  • unlimited voice and text messaging support for 3 weeks

Basic Package

Two payments of $399.


Need a custom plan but feel you can fly solo with a step-by-step plan in hand?

  • full intake questionnaire

  • custom sleep plan + 60-minute consultation

  • sleep log

  • 3 phone calls over 3 weeks

Ask about our bedtime support and in-home services!


Meet Tyler, Jess, Millie, and Lainey

Jess could have worked with any sleep coach, but she decided to work with us after she got the feeling that we could vibe over a cup of coffee, cry about our early motherhood experiences together, and become sleep besties over the next few weeks. In fact, we actually did that! 🤣

Jess and Tyler had a lot going on - a baby who was still in bed with them (no longer by choice) and a 3-year-old who was waking at night, struggling with naps, and waking way too early in the morning. Jess was spending HOURS each day bouncing her baby to sleep while trying to also manage Lainey's (her 3-year-old) naps. It was chaos. Jess and Tyler were ready for a change - and ready to have their bed back! They realized they needed help with both girls' sleep, and we implemented a few plans together over the course of 6-weeks. Here were some of the things Jess shared with us before we started working together:


Lainey currently needs melatonin to help her fall asleep at night. Is this something you can help us move away from?


Can we get the girls in the same room together? Is that even a good idea?


I'm scared this will damage my relationship with Millie - she knows nothing but my bed.


Lainey is smart. So smart. I'm worried this won't stick because she will try all the things.


Can we take this slow? Can we follow their lead?

We did all of that. And it was life-changing:

“Erin’s support and coaching has been absolutely amazing, and we truly could not have done this without her! Thank you for saving us, Erin!! Not only is Millie sleeping through the night, in her own crib, but she is now sharing a room with her older, toddler sister! Both girls have separate nap times and bedtimes. Erin was able to help us navigate this very tricky, and delicate sleep situation. With Erin's support, we were also able to clean up some of Lainey's sleep habits to make the transition as smooth as possible. Truly, we could have not done this without the support of Erin. We especially loved the Voxer support. Erin was always one message away and was so responsive and supportive. She will always be part of both our girls' sleep journey! Thank you, Erin!!!”

Oh Hey!
We’re the magic workers of LCS


We are Erin and Maria, the sleep coaches at Lake Country Sleep. And just like the moms we work with, we too struggled with our children's sleep. Erin's oldest quickly became her new alarm clock, waking to start the day around 5:00 a.m. night after night of what felt like a middle-of-the-night playdate. Cap it off with to-the-minute predictable 34-minute naps. You could say his sleep, or rather, lack thereof, brought her to her knees.


Similarly, not knowing any better, Maria found herself in a similar situation with her son. Not knowing that she could have been doing things differently, she suffered for months, just waiting to be able to sleep train him. Let's just say things with her daughter were quite a bit easier.

Now we know better and want to share our knowledge with you.


When parents work with us, they often equate us to magicians! And in a way, we do work magic with your child’s sleep! Sleep is a foundational piece to our health and wellbeing, and when it’s not happening, it can leave everyone feeling exhausted and frustrated.


At the same time, making changes to improve sleep can feel uncertain – maybe you’re at your breaking point and worried this might not actually work. Or maybe you’re not sure if this is the best decision for your family. We get it! We all want to do what’s best for our children.


At Lake Country Sleep, we partner with you and walk beside you each step of the way. We pair evidence-based strategies that promote a secure attachment with your knowledge of your unique babe. Our goal is for everyone in your household to be more well-rested. And that starts with a sleeping child.

What the LCS family is saying…

Hear from these well-rested families about the LCS experience

"'Bedtime' and the nights were a nightmare. We had a 5 and 7 year old sleeping in our bed still, until we finally called Erin at LCS. She came into our home and wrote a plan specific for family situation and one month later, both of my kids are sleeping 11-12 hours straight a night in their own beds. She was a miracle worker! Highly recommend if you want to sleep again."



Complete access to a certified sleep coach

Does this sound like something you'd like?

We’ve been where you are and can understand your deep desire to get more rest for everyone in your family. Together, we will guide you to better nights so that your child can play all day and sleep all night.

Ready for the life-giving magic of more sleep?


Let’s get started today!


Schedule your free Discovery Call now to decide whether the Lake Country Sleep dream team is a good fit for your family!

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