Sounds like your baby’s got skills! But let’s take them all the way to *perfect sleep* by offering Crib Hour.

We just need to polish things up a bit to get their naps on track.


My first recommendation is to always make sure the environment is 👌🏻.


Set the stage for sleep - if you aren't already, make sure you have a nap time and bedtime routine. Make sure it's totally dark, you're utilizing white noise around 60 dB, using a sleep sack, and maybe even a lovey if they're older than 12 months. Continue to lay your baby down fully awake at this stage.


Now, let's get into my version of what some consultants call “crib hour”.


The main idea is to put your baby in their crib and leave them there for a full hour. If they haven't slept, you can get them up and try again about 20 minutes later. If they've fallen asleep, but only for a short time (anything less than 60 minutes is short!) you still leave them in there for a full hour. ACTUALLY, I recommend leaving them in there for a full hour, and then TEN MORE MINUTES. I'm not kidding, there is something magical about ten more minutes. It's often just enough time for your baby to fall back asleep and extend their nap. Before you know it, if you're always practicing my version of crib hour, which in reality, is really 70 minutes, your baby will be connecting those sleep cycles and consistently taking nice, long, consolidated naps.


Practice crib hour for the first two naps of the day for sure!