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0-9 months
FREE Awake Windows Guide

If there was only one thing I wish I would have known as a new mom, this was it...


24-months +
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Bedtime battles giving you trouble? This can help.


0-36 months
Are short naps a problem?

Regardless of your child's age or situation, we can help.


Meet Erin

I am the mama of two little boys, lover of coffee, shopping, and all things sleep!

Mama, I've been where you are, I know how you feel, and I also know how I can help you. If you're looking for a mama friend and sleep bestie, I'm your girl!


As Lake Country's premier infant and child sleep consultant, I help you teach your own little one sleep skills to promote their growth, development, health, and wellbeing.  Together, we work through a holistic plan personalized to meet your child's and your family's needs.




Discover the best fit for your family's needs at this time! There are so many ages and stages to consider when it comes to your child's sleep. 


Take our quiz to find out exactly which service will help your child sleep better. 

Once you know what works best for your child, family, and budget, pick out your package, any add-on services, and hire Erin.


Once you decide to hire Erin, you will provide her with details about your child and your goals. Erin will review the information and come to your consultation with a verbal plan and developmentally appropriate strategies for you to implement immediately with your child.

Together, you will go through the plan and strategies. Erin makes sure you are ready to implement the strategies and answers any questions you may have.

Your Baby Sleeps!

You'll be able to refer back to your recorded consultation as needed.

Before you know it, your little one will be sleeping a consolidated 10-12 hours at night, and be taking healthy and age-appropriate naps.

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0-16 weeks

With the Lake Country Sleep Newborn Sleep Guide, Erin helps you lay the foundation of giving your baby the sleep skills they will continue to use well into adulthood. 


Your newborn might become such a great sleeper that there is no need to do formal sleep training down the road! Add-on support is available as needed.

Independent Sleeper Support

4-Months to 5-Years

Your child's sleep needs are ever-changing, and the pieces of the puzzle can shift and change over time. Transitions, regressions, and travel happen. Don't let these things get in the way of your chlid's precious sleep!


Book a 30-Minute Ask-Erin-Anything call to discuss what's going on with your child's sleep.


Sleep Coaching

4-Months to 5-Years

Are you able to lay your child down awake and they know how to put themselves to sleep?


No? Then this is for you. Erin will coach you through developmentally appropriate and supportive strategies to help your little one learn the skill of independent sleep.

Erin's background in early childhood development will help you with strategies that will work for your child.



"Erin was a dream to work with helping us navigate our way to getting better sleep for our baby. Before Erin, we were struggling to get a good nap routine and it took a lot of soothing to get our baby to sleep. Now, our baby takes great naps, has a good schedule, and sleeps 10+ hours a night. You can expect a lot of compassion, direction, and helpful knowledge from Erin when you work with her. "

—  Jenna, Mom of Jay (4 months)


“In my opinion, healthy parental attachment allows for a child to explore the world around them while simultaneously knowing there is a safe and loving space for them to come back to whenever they need it - their parents' arms.”


-Erin Meinel, Lake Country Sleep


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