Exhausted? Little one won't sleep? From newborns through young children, 

Erin can help you solve your child's sleep problems. Reach out and let's get started today!

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Meet Erin!

I am the mama of two little ones.  I've been where you are, I know how you feel, and I also know how to help you!  As a certified infant and child sleep consultant, I can help you get your own little one sleeping well to promote their growth, development, health, and wellbeing.  Together, we work through a plan specifically designed and tailored to meet your child's and your family's needs.


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Are you a mama-to-be or wanting to do it right the next time around?  Then the newborn package is for you!


With this package, Erin will help you lay a proper sleep foundation as you bring your little bundle home for the first time. Your little one might become such a great sleeper that there is no need to do formal sleep training down the road!


Are you struggling with night wakings?  Early mornings? Short naps? Are you going back to work soon and worrying about how you are going to be able to function as both a professional and as a mother?  Are you experiencing PPD or PPA?


If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions, then Erin can help you with your customized Baby plan.


Oh, toddlers!  Where to begin?!  They are curious little ones, looking for all the answers, without even knowing all the questions yet.  If your little one is still trying to find the answers when you say it is time for bed, then Erin can help!



As a NICU nurse, I thought I understood baby's sleep needs but once they passed the "newborn" stage,  I realized I was clueless as to how much sleep my babies actually needed. I had been a part of Facebook groups, read books, gotten advice from other moms, but nothing compared to the one-on-one coaching from Erin.


She took the time to get to know my babies, incorporated routines that were important to our family, came up with a solid plan that was easy for other caregivers to follow, and was always willing to answer a ton of questions when we'd have a check-in call or email. 

Molly, NICU nurse and twin mom

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