Play all day. Sleep all night.


12 hours each night?
It's how long your baby could be sleeping.

Sound too good to be true? With a holistic plan in hand and the support of your sleep besties, you could be well on your way to helping your babe catch more zzz’s in as little as 1-3 weeks.

Let's block out the noise.


0-16 weeks
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1-10 years old
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0-36 months
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Regardless of your child's age or situation, we can help.

There’s a lot of noise in the parenting world. And maybe that leaves you uncertain about what the “right” thing to do is. After all, you’re just trying to do the best you can!

Let’s block out the noise together. Because face it: no one knows your baby better than you. And no one knows sleep better than us. Together, we’ll make the perfect dream team. 

We won’t just give you a plan and say see you later. We’re here with you every step of the way: Answering your questions. Guiding you through challenges. Celebrating all the wins!

After our time together, you’ll feel more confident handling any and all sleep situations that may arise.  You’ll know how to respond to your child in a way that promotes their development, well-being, and secure attachment. 

You may even be able to watch a movie with your partner after your child drifts off to sleep. You’ll be sippin’ your wine thinking, “Who are we?!”



Meet your new
sleep besties.

It’s like mixing equal parts sleep expert and your BFF.

Aside from sleep, we love our coffee hot, our TV shows drama-filled, and our shopping trips long.

We've been where you are, lost in the sleep-deprived world of mom life. Feeling exhausted, uncertain, and desperate to do what’s best for your child. And we can’t wait to help you unlock a new version of motherhood. If you're looking for a sleep bestie and someone to talk about the latest Bachelorette episode, we're your girls!

Sleep is a pillar of our health and wellbeing – it’s just as important (if not more so) than nutrition. Yet there’s so much fear around making changes to improve sleep.


And we get it!


Maybe you’re at your breaking point and you’re worried this might not work.


Or maybe you’re not sure if this is the best decision for your family. 


Quality sleep has so many benefits for every member of your family. And if done the right way, there’s no reason to feel guilty for making the choice to prioritize sleep for your family.

At Lake Country Sleep, we take a holistic-approach to solving your child’s sleep struggles. We pair evidence-based strategies that promote a secure attachment with your knowledge of your unique babe. Our goal is for everyone in your household to be more well-rested. And that starts with a sleeping child.




We see you, mama.
Reheating that coffee…again!

You’re pouring every ounce of yourself into your sweet child. We know you’re doing it all (and you’re rockin’ it!) 

But between the 2 a.m. Google searches looking for answers to your child's sleep struggles and the endless Amazon-browsing trying to find the perfect swaddle or sleep sack that promises better nights, you deserve more.

And that’s where we come in. Pick your package and let us create a developmentally-appropriate plan for your child. In no time, you’ll be thinking your sleepless nights were all a dream.

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Here's how it works...


Find the right fit for your family with one of our service options.

Have questions?


We encourage you to set up a FREE discovery call with Erin to chat more.

Give Us the Low-Down

After you provide us with details about your child and your goals, we’ll come to your consultation with a plan and evidence-based strategies for you to implement immediately with your child.

Play All Day, Sleep All Night

With your sleep bestie supporting you and giving you accountability, your little one will be sleeping a consolidated 10-12 hours of sleep each night and getting the naps they need during the day.

You’ll be wondering who the child in front of you even is!

It's like peering into a crystal ball...
Ready to add YOUR story here?

"Let me start by saying, I was a nervous wreck when it came to even thinking about sleep training. I called Erin out of pure panic and desperation — nobody was sleeping — we were all waking multiple times a night, and daytime naps were just comical at that point. ALL our “crutches” had stopped working: the SNOO, nursing to sleep, naps in a swing, the swaddle, the car naps — our last resort ended up having me trapped contact napping in a dark nursery for hours of the day. I very much resented my husband, I couldn’t work, or leave the house, and I was losing my mind. 

Our baby boy just turned 6 months old when I reached out to Erin, and in our first meeting I knew she was the one for me. She had me at “sleep besties” and that’s exactly what we became! It took us a couple weeks to really feel emotionally and logistically ready to begin sleep training, but even with our semi-cold feet Erin reached out and supported us in realizing the sooner we start, the sooner we sleep — we could have seriously postponed for months and came up with a gazillion excuses not to start but she patiently addressed each of our fears with so much warmth, data, case studies, and lived experience. 

If you’re still reading, just buy the biggest package — because investing in two solid weeks of constant and in most cases, instant support from the LCS team on Voxer was life changing. I knew I needed a gentle hand to hold, I was envisioning SO MANY TEARS and I wanted the best support to work through that — Newsflash: there weren’t that many tears. The first night In his crib he was happily asleep in less than 27 mins and slept 12 hours. 

From night 1 to night 14, she was right there giving feedback and strategies for every single sleep experience. Constantly modifying, asking questions, taking our sons lead and our goals into consideration. She walks the walk when talking about this process being holistic!

OKAY, OKAY…. what you REALLY want to know: Two weeks later, we have a baby boy sleeping now in his own room, sleeping for 12 hours solid each night, napping twice a day for the appropriate length of time in his crib, our sleep routine is less than 10 mins, and by day 5 he wasn’t upset or fighting sleep at all — he was welcoming it, laying down quietly, and waking to a MUCH happier, healthier, well-rested family who is always joyfully waiting for him! 


Mariah, Josh, and Henry (6 months)


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Sleep Coaching


4-Months to 10-Years

Are you able to lay your child down awake and they know how to put themselves to sleep?


No? Then this is for you. Erin, Andrea, or Maria will coach you through developmentally appropriate and supportive strategies to help your little one learn the skill of independent sleep.


"Erin was a dream to work with helping us navigate our way to getting better sleep for our baby. Before Erin, we were struggling to get a good nap routine and it took a lot of soothing to get our baby to sleep. Now, our baby takes great naps, has a good schedule, and sleeps 10+ hours a night. You can expect a lot of compassion, direction, and helpful knowledge from Erin when you work with her. "

—  Jenna, Mom of Jay (4 months)


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